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Whether you are based in France, Europe, in the United States or elsewhere, with countries opening their boarders there will be a demand for meetings outside of your home country

and now is the time to start the hotel/venue selection and planning process!

Tips to keep in mind when planning a meeting outside of your home country:

  1. Meetings are being compressed throughout the world, so start the hotel/venue planning process now. In fact, if you are considering a 2022 program; you may already be too late for your preferred dates!

  2. Working with a trusted hotel/venue selection professional that knows global, regional, and independent brands may be able to offer unique opportunities and save you money.

  3. Keep in mind that each country has new and potentially different rules and regulations for attendees due to Covid-19 that continually change. Keep informed

  4. Consider working with a local trusted destination partner that knows the specific rules and regulations and has contacts on the ground to provide necessary services – i.e., medical checks, emergency assistance.

  5. Don’t forget to check the air availability if attendees are flying in for the event and ground support before you select a destination.

  6. Considering a virtual component? Be sure to engage a local expert that knows the venue.

  7. Have a contingency plan should something not go as expected.

  8. Other items that may differ from your home country and need to be considered: ● Time zone, currency, language, terminology, culture, etc.

  9. As is the case everywhere now, selecting the proper hotel/venue includes evaluating if it is properly staffed and will meet the attendees’ expectations – i.e., outlets open, indoor mask requirements, appropriate spacing, housekeeping, etc.

If organizing a domestic meeting seems more complicated, imagine what it takes to organize a meeting outside of your home country!

We have experts in over 20 countries who stand ready to assist with the selection of the hotel/venue at no cost to you and can recommend local vetted suppliers.


IMEX Las Vegas was abuzz and 2022 is expected to be a breakout year for meetings and events. Our GC team met with dozens of suppliers and compiled some of the main takeaway points

Top 10 Key IMEX takeaways for 2022+ planning:

  1. Business is BACK; people are ready to travel and meet again!

  2. Compression is real and effecting availability and rates – globally.

  3. Maintaining experienced sales and operational staff is a concern – across the board.

  4. Hotel capacities may be reduced based on ability to service the business.

  5. It’s no longer a wait and see; if you do, you might lose out.

  6. Many hotels/destinations have multiple pending contracts for the same dates – it boils down to who commits and signs first.

  7. Contract terms, while in some cases still flexible, are starting to tighten up.

  8. Duty of care is a number one concern.

  9. Hotels are now asking for larger advance deposits.

The vibe of IMEX was positive and energizing, and the overall sentiment was that 2022 will be a good year for meetings and events. However, it’s a different sourcing and contracting environment and that brings a new set of challenges.

When you’re ready to select the location and source the hotel for your next meeting, I can help, at no cost to you.


If you consider multiple destinations for your next meeting, you might want to save time by considering the following tips :

Destination factors

  1. Where are the participants traveling from?

  2. Do you want to limit the number of connections or hours to the destination?

  3. Type of destination – Beach, City, Golf, Ski (Warm/Cold climate)

  4. Health & Safety – Vaccination requirements

Criteria Factors

  1. Budget

  2. Month/Season (Consider holidays)

  3. Accessibility – Airlift, rail, etc.

  4. Visa requirements

Property Factors

  1. Size of property

  2. Property type (resort, rating, services)

  3. Natural daylight in meeting rooms/technology/meeting space requirements

  4. COVID safety protocols

These are a few of the factors/criteria that should be considered to avoid unnecessary time and effort if you are considering multiple destinations for your next meeting.

Let us show you how to use our time to save your money and help select the right destination for you. Contact me today at to get started!


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