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Industry trends

(survey "Meetings Industry Pulse") :

  1. Demand for new events remains strong​

  2. Rising costs are a serious concern for planners​

  3. Concern for hotel staffing challenges continues to grow​

  4. Planners are less satisfied with their hotel partners ​

  5. Optimism for future meetings continues to grow ​

  6. In person meetings will continue to grow in 2023 ​

While compression eases; other challenges remain.

Rates and F&B costs are higher than expected, space and dates are hard to find, supplier contacts are gone, contract terms are not flexible, and hotels lack staffing.

Any of these challenges sound familiar?

  1. Hotel staff changes during the contracting process with no turnover to new personnel.

  2. Hotel has changed brands or not up to the same standards when the program was booked two years ago.

  3. RFP ends up in a black hole and/or automatically declined.

  4. Adding rooms to block after contract may be difficult and expensive (Talk to us about a possible work around!).

  5. Hotel may not hold space; first come first served basis; hesitate and you may lose out.

  6. Many More….

You’re not alone!

If you are like many of our clients who are experiencing one or more of the above challenges, why not let our professionals help save you time and money, at no cost or obligation?

It’s what I do all day, every day! My expertise at Global Cynergies is at your disposal.

Contact me today at to get started!

Do not hesitate to visit my website with others articles.


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