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Need HELP finding the right HELP?

The business is well back! Organizing a meeting is challenging enough in today’s marketplace, but where do you go or how do you find HELP when you need it? Services like:

1. Local transportation​

2. Meeting management ​

3. Virtual/Hybrid Meetings​

4. AV suppliers​

5. Onsite assistance​

6. Registration services​

7. Extra staff​

8. The list goes on….

Many previous trusted suppliers may have pivoted out of the industry during the pandemic, making it challenging to find the right supplier to assist with your program.

Pressed for time?

It's no surprise that staffing continues to be an issue; just look at all the “we are hiring” signs, ads, and direct marketing campaigns! It typically takes several calls to get a response, if you get one at all, from a hotel for a request for rates, dates, and space, not to mention all the “new” variables.

And who has the time to chase for answers; aren’t you short of staff too? It used to be one call to your contact, and problem solved: not today!

We can help, it’s what we do day in and day out, as a hôtel & venue sourcing professional service, we can manage upward with many of the brands to get the answers we need for our clients.

As your preferred venue finder, let us show you how to use our time to save your money and read below our new tips :

Post Pandemic Contract Considerations (Smart Meetings)

Various clauses in a hotel/venue contract for group business deserve a closer look given the recent changes for commercial and practical considerations.

It is always advisable to consult an attorney who has specific knowledge of the jurisdiction where the meeting will take place.

1. Force Majeure – varies according to jurisdiction.

2. Reference to “disease, viral outbreaks, epidemic or pandemic” vs COVID-19.

3. Consider adjusting the termination provision for specific events that would permit termination.

4. Include a time frame for deposit refunds.

5. Be sure to have a clause that mitigates (lessens the severity or damages) in the event of a breach of contract.

6. Webinar link posted above.

Global Cynergies can consult on the industry terms and conditions and assist you through the review process - all at no cost to you.

Passport Considerations for International Meetings & Incentives

International meetings are returning, and attendees are excited to be back on the road. Help your attendees out by communicating travel dates as far in advance as possible. If they need to secure a new passport or renew, this is not a process that can be turned around quickly

1. Securing a new passport or renewing an about to expire passport continues to be a slow and tedious process.

2. Educate your attendees to allow AMPLE time to renew a passport and/or to secure a passport for the first time. a. To secure a passport for the first time, the application is completed at a US Post Office. b. The process to secure a new passport or a passport renewal for adults is by mail only unless international travel is within two weeks. c. Processing time is 8-11 weeks for routine service and 5-7 weeks for expedited service.

3. If you need to go to a US Passport office in person (i.e., travel is within two weeks) understand that all US Passport offices currently require appointments and are not accepting walk-ins.

4. Most states only have one (1) US Passport office and appointment availability is difficult to secure and extremely limited. It is not unusual for people in emergency passport situations to have to travel out of state to get an appointment before their departure date. Currently, the two passport offices that have the most open appointment availability are Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

At Global Cynergies, we share the collective knowledge of our team to ensure that our clients are equipped with the best information to make their global meetings a success.

How can we help you plan your next meeting or event?

Contact us today at to get started!


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