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Do you plan Hybrid Events ? I can help !

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

"Hybrid is One Event, Two Experiences".

Hybrid events is a tradeshow, conference, seminar, workshop or other meeting that combines a live in person event with a virtual online component.

👉 Advantages compared to in-person :

  • More accessible

  • Global audience

  • Broader reach (virtual component) increasing attendance (sponsorship…)

  • More sustainable (less travel, less meal, more environment sustainable)

👉 Several considerations unique to hybrids :

  • Content delivery/technology to keep engage

  • Attendee tracking/engagement (between virtual and in-person attendees) for both audiences

  • Networking opportunities : easier in-person…

  • Pricing strategy : how to price the event, consider the revenue goals. Look at different prices packages on virtual event compared to in-person event. Considering the value we provide to each attendee.

  • Venue Layout & capability : partner with venue providing and use technologies, compliance with safety and health protocol.

Be careful to avoid common hybrid pitfalls !

  • Using the same approach for in-person and virtual attendees

  • ·Isolating virtual attendees

  • Poor production planning

  • Navigating time zones, event/session length

  • Making the business case for hybrid expansion

  • Not leveraging new scale for sponsors

✉︎ To know more and for further assistance, contact me at

▶︎ Cvent Hybrid & Virtual Events Certifications,

▶︎ knowledge on digital marketing,

▶︎ experience with in-person events, 😇

▶︎ venue sourcing for safer meetings


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